Hoefnagels, Veerle – Graphic Design
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PROJECT FiftyFifty

It is a known fact that conceptual graphic designers often have to do commercial work in order to earn money. However, these projects are kept hidden from their portfolios. “FiftyFifty” is the solution for those who are afraid to have their commercial work affect their reputation. “FiftyFifty” will be launched on July 1st and will continue onwards till July 7th, during the graduation show. The company’s aim is to give students of graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art an opportunity to do commercial work, working for real clients, doing actual jobs. But everything will be anonymous, to make sure nobody’s artistic value will be affected.

THESIS I vote for the free political affiche

For my thesis I have researched the political affiche. For my internship I’ve lived in Zanzibar for three months, an island which belongs to Tanzania. During my stay elections were held. In a short period, the whole city changed completely in a sea of yellow and green, the colors of the CCM Tanzania. A complete difference with the Netherlands during elections, where you see rarely affiches nowadays. In my thesis I describe the revolution of the Dutch political affiche and I compare it to affiches in Tanzania, which are clearly more embraced by the population then in the Netherlands. Actually, how important is a proper designed political affiche?

(BA) Graphic Design

Hoefnagels, Veerle

The Netherlands

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Internship at PrintPlus, Zanzibar (Tanzania)