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van de Seyp, Vera – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Platform as Habitat

Choose anything. Your fridge. Your bed. Your egg tray. Your toilet seat. Your washing machine, car, socks, or toothbrush. In 2016, versions of all those products are connected to the internet. Analyzing these objects, it seems that many embody a crave for technology and gadgets in a society that reaches a point of absurdity. Often game-design principles transform their function into a game. Where lies the border of absurdity of connected objects and how they are perceived? How can the interaction with an everyday product be illogical because of its internet abilities? In “Platform as Habitat”, Vera van de Seyp explores these questions through interactive and printed media.

THESIS A New Kind of Print

Why is it important or useful for designers to exceed the limitations of available design tools by learning how to program? “A New Kind of Print” examines the possibilities of code as a design tool by analyzing arguments from both proponents and opponents of programming in the design field. The possibilities for the design methodology are examined from the perspective of the social responsibility of the discipline, and thereby the role that design can play.

(BA) Graphic Design

van de Seyp, Vera

The Netherlands

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Internship at LUST, The Hague