Shydlouskaya, Viktoryia – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The essence of the beholder’s share

The creative practice implies a creative process of its perception. Art and design audiences are primary figures of such activity. The beholder’s share is one of the main matter in the understanding what is the essence of the art experience. This matter is becoming evident in the dialogue between the work of art and the artist himself, the viewer and the object of observation or an experience, and finally the artist and the beholder’s share.

THESIS The essence of the beholder’s share

There is something inside each of us that secretly drives us, keeps us going in a certain direction or makes us stay still in the middle of nowhere; lighting the way in our imagination or blurring the imaginary road out. There is something that has hidden access to our emotions, senses and feelings; some under-mind processes that correspond with our free will, pleasure and desires. Something in our mind that gets our trust, without asking for permission, and influences thought processes, memory, affect and motivation. These processes of the mind occur automatically and are not available for introspection. The question is: To what extent can the knowledge about unconscious mind influences the design practice?

(BA) Graphic Design

Shydlouskaya, Viktoryia


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Internship at Kok Pistolet