Veloso, Yara – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Are apples ____ for you?

A quest in understanding the mechanisms of information overload through one single topic. When questioning how to deal with the overload, the project inevitably deals with the question of how this overload is constructed, and why it is there. Using the apple as a means to express the complexities of our relationship with information, the project attempts ― in a broader sense ― to understand how we produce and gather knowledge and try to make sense of the mess.

THESIS Everything is Made

Why is there a connection between artist and genius? Can the creative process be used to decrease the gap between people and works of art? What are the correlations between Punk Rock and the Internet? The answers to these questions belong to each of the three chapters of this thesis, that work as autonomous parts yet are structured having in account three main technological developments: printing, industrial and digital technology. These developments work as a backdrop in an attempt to articulate a series of concerns that touch upon notions of authorship, myth, technology as well as society’s relationship with a culture where the visual is progressively more dominant.

(BA) Graphic Design

Veloso, Yara


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