Benassarou, Zineb – Graphic Design
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PROJECT (N)ever After

In the ocean of content, spread by the new media, what is actually worth preserving? “(N)ever after” is a poster installation that argues the value of information. The project questions the practice in the field of Graphic Design on two levels. Is Graphic Design doomed to become as instant as the news has apparently become? And, can Graphic Designers control the destiny of their productions? “(N)ever after” celebrates the poster as an ephemeral design object and discusses the future of valuable information.

THESIS (N)everlasting

Trying to answer the very question “How can I preserve this thesis?”, this research investigates the different ways of saving printed and digital works but also aims to prove the importance of preservation. As any object made by a graphic designer, created in a specific context, witnesses a certain moment in a certain society.

(BA) Graphic Design

Benassarou, Zineb


0031 (0)6 3350 3238


Internship at Thomas Bizzarri & Alain Rodriguez