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Shahin, Fahmy – Interactive/Media/Design
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PROJECT Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky

“Plastic/Ocean/Desert/Sky” features identity as a battlefield, where unspoken narratives of self-fulfilling prophecies fight to win a place in the material world. Using maps as bridges between consciousness and communication, and as vehicles for greater narratives, while employing 3D additive technology as a translation machine between the immaterial and the material world. The goal of this project is to initiate a series of questions around the Islamic narrative of the apocalypse, and the parallels that are being actively drawn everyday between this prophecy and the ongoing war in the Middle East. The potential of using 3D additive technology to materialise major figures of this narrative would ultimately undermine the whole narrative.

THESIS The Neural World: Body, Culture and Change

“The Neural World: Body, Culture and Change” is an attempt to understand the relationship between the body and the cultural system, aiming to find a new dynamic and create a multi-dimensional cultural grid on which mobility and changing position is a constant process and an individual decision; a grid that is always happening. The body’s capacity to affect and to be affected is mostly determined by a fixed position on a cultural grid of predefined concepts of identity, leaving little space for the body to manoeuvre, let alone change its position on the cultural grid. Migration as an event can be seen as a radical attempt to change conditions on both the physical and abstract levels.

(BA) Interactive/Media/Design

Shahin, Fahmy


0031 (0)6 2302 6372


Internship at Exchange at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (USA)