Bouwman, Albert – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Outside-in

The immaterial world is gaining ground; people attach themselves to screens and interfaces. Our virtual identity can seriously compromise the connection to our physical environment and its properties. How can we reconnect? Looking at nature, I found concepts of motion and repetition within the elements earth, air, and water. The point of departure for my research to implement the experience of the natural elements and their inevitable manifestations; you cannot escape changes in light and temperature even if you are spellbound by your screen.

THESIS Google before you tweet, is the new think before you speak

What is the effect of our technological developments? My thesis focuses on the effects that the development of digital technology have on our perception, the structure of our brain and our experience of time. Apart from consulting literature and other sources I experimented on myself by keeping a diary of living with and without the internet. In the same vein I analyzed how the differences between reading text in a book or computer changed our lives. I came to the conclusion­­ that the effects of our technological developments disconnect us from our ‘natural’ environment and its sensual stimulation.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Bouwman, Albert

The Netherlands

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