Ramaekers, Chrissy – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT House in Reflection

The “House in Reflection”, a theater of light, encourages the intertwining between landscape, daylight and human. Located in Heempark H.J.Bos, the house aims at new family relationships and facilitating its breathing, spreading and gathering following the rhythm of the day. Various agendas are left in the city and the family meets in the park. Instead of conventional partition, like doors, multiple light characters are inserted in layers that indicate the degrees of privacy within the house. Boundaries fade and unlimited places are created.

THESIS Oh, what a beautiful light!

May I see it in the daylight? An often asked question in stores. We prefer to check outside to make sure the garment’s color is right. Apparently, and unconsciously, we consider daylight as the ‘right’ light, light as we want it to be. Nevertheless many of us notice the particularity of daylight only while within buildings. When people enter a beautiful space, like the Pantheon in Rome, they often exclaim: “Oh, what a beautiful light!” What they won’t say, strangely enough, is: “Oh, what an extraordinary space!” This leads to the question: What kind of filter is architecture for daylight?

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Ramaekers, Chrissy

The Netherlands

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Internship at Open Architecture Office, Eindhoven