Rademaker, Cindy – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT (puin)hoop - heap up the past

The city of Heerlen has a long tradition of radical change, erasing the past through demolition. For this project, demolition, again is the tool to change but this time to create something new out of the architectural residue. Transforming the virtually abandoned city center into a mountain of rubble that deals with the past, organizes new connections and thus reinforces Heerlen’s identity.

THESIS Who doesn't want to be an architect?!

Research into to the role of the architect in context of society and used by other the inherent power of architecture and other build structures.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Rademaker, Cindy

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2867 5260


Internship at Junya Ishigami + Akihisa Hirata