Vergeer, Danitsja – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Ruimtekabinet

Sidewalk, bike paths, roads, tramways, cables chop air into pieces. Signposts screaming, glowing lampposts, bollards choking, flashing traffic lights red orange green. Shark teeth, arrows, lines hop skip and jump across the crosswalk. The buildings, its residents, the past. Characteristics pushed away disappeared behind laws, rules, infrastructure. Some public spaces no longer always provide us with clues to where we find ourselves. These orphan spots have lost connection with their own context, which makes it impossible for us to establish a relation with these places. I developed a program to reconnect to their lost meaning. Forgotten, disappeared and underappreciated layers become valuable again showing the hidden identity for a moment.

THESIS Ruimtekabinet

“Ruimtekabinet” explores the mental and physical connection of man and his environment as far as the message, the narrative and the character of place and space is concerned. Where places are lost or hidden behind the modern interior of today’s city, representation techniques from arts and culture can be used to reanimate the urban landscape back into a public life.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Vergeer, Danitsja

The Netherlandss

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Internship at Superuse-Studios