Wetters, Judy – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Niche house / Activating the surface

Surface defines space, our experience and our action. A well-designed surface gives a space many functions and characters, it interacts. The occupants identify the different spaces by specific play of light and surface. The surface only offers privacy when needed. The forms occasionally reveal function. The occupants are tempted to explore their environment again and again, discovering the new possibilities in each space. It is a house where you can improvise.

THESIS Activating the surface

Activating the Surface The architect designs the structural shell of an empty space that affects the atmosphere. The way the architect shapes the surface determines which character and function the space gets, thus steering the visitor’s experience. In a lot of contemporary architecture I miss the art, the art in the surface itself. I get bored by the uniformly illuminated structureless surfaces. Which elements can we use to activate the surface so that the space is fueled with expression again?

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Wetters, Judy


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Internship at Urban Echoes