Rietvink, Louise – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Sharing comfort

We have based most of our products and environment on the standard measurements of the human body. But what if your body differs from the standard sizes and shape? There is still a big difference between the look of the ‘regular’ products and products meant for people with a physical handicap. There is a limited choice in esthetics and tactility of these products. It distinguishes an individual from the ‘standard’ in our society. The design of the tableware collection, aimed at people with rheumatism, helps reducing the amount of force needed during use. The small adjustments in the tableware are implemented in a way that the collection is attractive for people with and without rheumatism.

THESIS Onopvallend Opvallend

An inquiry of the impact that a distinguishing (stigmatizing) design of utensils has on the self-esteem of an individual in interaction with society. Which properties are important in order to improve product design for a physical handicap? What is the role of and need for aesthetics within this design question?

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Rietvink, Louise

The Netherlands

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Internship at Studio Zangana