Tyakina, Maria – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Sensorial Bath

“Sensorial bath” is a collection of objects which explore a relation between human and an object within the subject of human regeneration. Chosen subject addresses changing times and attitudes towards our perception of bathing culture. Alterations in a position towards body, physical and psychological well-being influence our perception of purifying. We need to examine our regeneration surroundings in an order to grasp the sense of well-being, expend to a sensorial clensing area, which doesn’t involve literal clensing, but works with our primary sensorial reactions and responses and aims to revoke the olfactory, visual and tactile senses from numbness of fast speed daily life and fulfill the growing needs for regeneration in present times.

THESIS Dear Things

“Dear thing” is an object that can refer to the past and bring with it a sense of genuineness and conduct a special relationship between human and an object. Souvenir, memento, heirloom, talisman, personal artifacts can become a “dear thing”.The modern world is the main reason why we are in such a need to cherish, collect and keep objects that embody sentimental values. In current ever more digital age, the attachment to things could be automatically recognized as something nostalgic and sentimental.The materials, forms, textures, and colors all evoke in us well-known narratives of a fictional era, during which everything that surrounded us was more simple and home-like. Dear things propose us coming back towards the shelter/home/sanctuary.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Tyakina, Maria


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Internship at Aldo Bakker Studio