Tkaczeń, Mateusz – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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“Anti-shop” is a critique on the unthoughtful process of hyper-consumerism and is opposed to the noise, chaos and plethora of a junskpace jungle. “Anti-shop” is a vulnerable shelter of intimacy and silence. Its solemn isolated space is interpenetrated by disembodied clothes and gestures. “Anti-shop” gives visitors an opportunity to stop, to breathe. It allows to focus on the present moment and detach from the dogma generated by the hyper-consumerism. “Anti-shop” promotes the escape towards the world of simplicity. It cherishes the human body through the ritual of putting clothes in plaster. Captured in time and space, taken out from their original context, they enhance this fundamental unit of life.

THESIS Escape to Simplicity

The purpose of this essay is to examine the relation between people, space and objects in view of hyper-consumerism. This essay investigates the reasons for the overabundance of objects in the everyday life environment and analyzes how minimalist spaces influence human well-being. What follows is a collection of vignettes and narratives which expose distinct occurrences within a variety of contexts and serve as a tool for speculation whether today’s society could escape from hyper-consumerism towards the world of simplicity. The selection of examined buildings, places and artifacts is nonlinear and based on intuitive associations. Presented references do not have a particular arrangement, or a hierarchy.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Tkaczeń, Mateusz


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Internship at Tetsuo Kondo Architects and Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka