Koski, Sallamaaria – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Fire Without Flames

My aim is to spark the fire within a person ― to warm up his mind ― by bringing in the sensory and atmospheric qualities of fire. My project is a design proposal for Viðborð’s abandoned farm house in rural Iceland. The design introduces new fire-related elements to the deserted house ruins, transforming its presence and role from a mistreated pile of bones into an inviting and lively gathering place. The house functions as a basecamp for hikers, offering shelter from the natural elements.

THESIS Fire Without Flames

“Fire Without Flames” is an essay based on a private reverie of living inside fire. Starting out as early man’s crucial companion, fire has been demoted to a design fireplace. This reduced its holistic effect on everyday life. Aiming to re-establish fire’s original status, this research first explores the phenomenon. Since open fire is no longer viable within our homes, I’m looking for other connections than its physical flames. The foundation for flameless fire consists of atmospheric and sensory qualities. The essay resulted in a program of demands derived from interpretations of these qualities. It is a toolbox for constructing a space that feels like fire instead of merely containing it.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Koski, Sallamaaria


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Internship at OOPEAA office for peripheral architecture