Zoon, Sophia – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT Structures for exchange

Emergency relief should be more focused on developing aid. Refugees, for example, should be helped out and supported while sorting out a new future in a new environment. Much could be gained by tapping into the knowledge and experience of the refugees themselves by stimulating interaction within shelter and so-called centers ― a possibility now often overlooked. My project aims at unlocking and stimulating just this interaction. The 3 toolkits that I design have each an easy instruction manual, so people can build the designs themselves and they can adjust it to their own needs because it consists of modules. By building this together, the people will get a good energy from this and they are building something everyone can enjoy.

THESIS To make the difference

Most of the current designs are not made to find a solution to a social problem. In a time where there are a lot of crisis situations, we as designers must contribute in making a change in these situations. We can make the difference by sharing our knowledge and create effective designs. By dividing social designs in different groups, I was able to analyze how these designs could make a change in a needy situation. As a designer you should find out what requirements the design must have and who will be using the design. In social designs, most important will be the functional possibilities, and second comes the esthetics. These two things must be in a perfect balance to make the difference.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Zoon, Sophia

The Netherlands

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