Kavaliauskaitė, Une – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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PROJECT The Monument for The Lost Meaning

For the final graduation project, I chose to create a monument that would represent the lost meaning of universal communication. The multi-layered structure contains the blocks that are dedicated to the biggest steps in the history of human thought. The connections and positioning of the blocks symbolize the interactions of events and ideas e.g. the electricians’ experiments with ‘rising’ the dead body inspired Mary Shelley to write her novel Frankenstein. The 3D structure uses Earth as a platform to evolve. It grows and diminishes echoing men’s achievements, literally stabbing our world and venturing into space. On it’s way “The Monument for The Lost Meaning” pierces everything, penetrating and confronting men with his thoughts and believes.

THESIS Universal Language and The Lost Meanings

My thesis explores monumental architecture as a visible mediator that leads the dialog between the generations. Monumental structures provide information and provoke questions. Monuments that were built to be eternal are universal transmitters of ‘long term’ messages. ‘Long term’ monuments make us see that certain values, needs are continuously cultivated throughout history remaining crucial to our days. Partly with lost meanings, they stand as a symbol of human attempt to reach the universal language. The ‘short term’ monuments serve as tools of political propaganda, e.g. communist monument Buzludzha in a decade was abandoned. Depending on their own short or long term influence monuments shape and reflect human actions and thoughts.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Kavaliauskaitė, Une


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