Koe, Vyasa – Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
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“Salt lab” is there to perceive materials differently and explore the usability of materials to the use of architecture. It is a project focused on the growth of salt into crystals. As salt is abundantly present on earth it can be harvested almost everywhere. The crystallization of salt can be directed to a building component, which could be the answer to the exhaustion of other materials. However salt isn’t only interesting for their abundant presence, the growth of crystals with their geometric shapes and transparency have a majestic appearance when exposed to light. As the crystals are grown into the building it carries both the randomness of nature and the preciseness of architecture.

THESIS The Shelter

The development of the shelter is in need of attention. Many people such as refugees live in horrible conditions. Millions of people are without a shelter or have one that barely protects them against the weather or other intrusion. Architects and designers could play a crucial role when developing shelters that offers better living conditions on all levels. Key to this is substitution of classic building components, that are often too expensive for governments or humanitarian organizations, with new materials or and constructive solutions. Material innovation is the best way to develop a better and cheaper shelter.

(BA) Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Koe, Vyasa

The Netherlands

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Internship at Rivets+Rockets Cape Town, South-Africa