Miedema, Annabel – Photography
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PROJECT The Weather is for Free

Within my photography I very often want to modernize or gain revaluation for outdated, daily things and moments everyone experience. I want to show them in a fresh and colorful way, with the goal to make the viewer aware, or maybe even convince them of the beauty of everyday life. In “The Weather is for Free” I focus on outdated ‘typical Dutch’ visual elements. I show my contemporary view on these elements because in a time in which everyone is searching for excitement and the unknown, I want to show that you can see a lot of beautiful things around you if you view the world and the things you know so well in a different way.

THESIS De Familie der Mens

Hoe kunstenaars geïnspireerd worden door naasten.

(BA) Photography

Miedema, Annabel

The Netherlands


Internship at Blommers/Schumm