de Morree, Barbara – Photography
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PROJECT Verhalen van meneer Prawar (Stories of mister Prawar)

“Stories of mister Prawar”. An unexpected meeting. I sat at the HEMA restaurant and someone behind me started talking. After one hour I knew about the most beautiful adventures he experienced and his positive way of thinking. He took me into his world and told me about a backyard full of banana trees, his childhood in the former dutch colony Papua New Guinea and the fled to Holland in 1962. When I came home I stepped into his world via Google and discovered the situations and places he told me about. Our meetings at the HEMA after that first day, learned me more about his life and the way he lives after everything he has been through.

THESIS Jij bent, dus ik ben/You are, so I am.

Everybody us an expert of his own experiences. You are able to learn from every person around you, by opening up to them. That’s the starting point for my thesis. I did my thesis research on empathy, placing yourself into the thoughts of another person. I researched how it is used in photography and how you can reach to create empathy with the viewer.

(BA) Photography

de Morree, Barbara

The Netherlands

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Internship at Maja Daniels, London