Steunebrink, Charlotte – Photography
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PROJECT Release (Loslaten)

I have never experienced loss in my life. I don’t know what it’s like to loose someone, but I dream about it a lot in surrealistic and abstract forms. It moves me, it makes me vulnerable and it makes me think about finiteness. My project comes from my fear for loosing loved ones. Fear for something I don’t know, which I have no idea how it will feel and how it will look like. I want to show how close life and death are next to each other.

THESIS Driven by emotions: The communication and interpretation of emotions within an artwork

Life and death are primal themes of the life cycle connected through emotions. Everybody has his or her own interpretation of life, death and emotions. Everybody interprets each others emotions in his or her own way. But how does that relate to an artwork? Who or what decides on what people should read from an artwork? What kind of factors are determinative for reading an image? Social, cultural, intellectual; which aspect is important for reading the image? How do other artists from different art movements translate their emotions into a piece of art? Is the viewer able to read the same emotion as I put into it?

(BA) Photography

Steunebrink, Charlotte

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2853 5420


Internship at Petrovsky & Ramone