Fraikin, Fabian – Photography
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PROJECT In the name of security

The Dutch government is concerned by the satellite images from Google about the visibility of these political, economic and military locations. The result was that the supplier of these images was obliged to censor these places. By cloning the area, to fade or bleach. The way this is done in the Netherlands is quite remarkable compared to other countries. The result is a landscape that is interrupted occasionally by sharp aesthetic contrasts between secret locations and the rural and urban environments that surround them.

THESIS Everything under control?

I have researched what strategies/approaches a photographic documentary photographer might use to visualize difficult subjects. I was hoping, while doing this research, to discover more concrete steps to more efficiently start and form my photographic approach. The aim of this research question, first, was to clarify my fascination with the subjects I photograph. The second aim was to understand the importance of why my work is often related to social and technological affairs. The final aim regarded the implementation of my projects and how I am going to finish the project.

(BA) Photography

Fraikin, Fabian

The Netherlands

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Internship at Niels Stomps