Poel, Hans – Photography
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PROJECT Petting Politics And Other Cute Propaganda

When Vladimir Putin plays with his dog Buffy we laugh at the ridiculousness of it, but when Barack Obama does the same thing with his dog Bo we find it adorable. “Petting Politics And Other Cute Propaganda” is an analysis in the way innocence and the cute-factor of children and pets are used as tools for propaganda. How the leaders of this world use them as props to make themselves look more human, trustworthy and empathic. I found and collected this adorable propaganda from and all kinds of political leaders, all over the political spectrum. By categorizing and putting these images in a different context I want to show the methods used in the propaganda, and raise questions on how much ‘we’ differ from ‘them’.

THESIS The Most Glorious Thesis In The World

In “The Most Glorious Thesis In The World” I dive deeper into my fascination for propaganda. I researched how ideological narratives are created, or taken away from the public eye. I wrote about the difference between stupid obvious censorship and smart unnoticeable censorship. About why propaganda exists, how it works, and where it could be seen today. I also raise questions on how our ideological background gives us a biased look at the world, if we can break out of it, and if truth even exists. This thesis is also a research in my connection with these topics in an art context; why do I always want to find truth through my work, how do other artists use propaganda as a tool for art and how do they address propaganda in their work?

(BA) Photography

Poel, Hans

The Netherlands

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Internship at Daan Paans, Nadine Stijns