van der Zee, Iris – Photography
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PROJECT Statue: A symbol of power, beauty and historic value. Right?

My graduation project is based on some photos I saw on the internet. Photos which showed Islamic State ruining sculptures in Syria and Iraq. The images confused me. They ruined those sculptures, and then posed with them as if they were posing with beheaded people. At least, that’s how I interpreted those images. In this project I invite the viewer to reconsider the symbolic value of a sculpture. It was made with the intention to show power, beauty and historic value. But in the end, it seems all a matter of perception. The way the sculpture gets interpreted, depends on a combination between the context of the sculpture and the cultural or emotional background of the viewer. The sculpture: A symbol of power, beauty and historic value.

THESIS Right foot on green, left hand on yellow. Dynamics of the current world of photography.

My thesis is a research on the borders of an art discipline, in this case with a focus on photography. I question the beginning and end of a discipline through personal experiences, art movements and working methods of relatable, current artists and put them in the perspective of today’s society. Through my thesis I discovered how unnecessarily limited artists behave themselves because of unwritten rules regarding the possibilities on their medium. Not only in the art world, but also in a smaller scale on our own art academy.

(BA) Photography

van der Zee, Iris

The Netherlands

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Internship at Qiu Yang, Freudenthal/Verhagen