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PROJECT Let’s Start Over - Amsterdams’ Cleaning Department

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most prominent cities when it comes to tourism. The ‘tourist pressure’ has increased drastically over the last two years (about 150 tourists per km² every day in 2015 according to CBS).Tourism is concentrated in the so-called ‘red carpet’ area that runs from central station to Museum Square. The vibrant tourism takes its toll and leaves litter scattered across the streets. For Amsterdams’ cleaning department, clearing the area of garbage is a priority seven days a week.Throughout the day 50 employees are needed to keep the area tidy.Their work is an everlasting effort that fades away as soon as their shifts end. The result is solely temporarily, considering the solution seems to lie elsewhere.

THESIS Below the Surface

The role of the documentary photographer in the changing face of the metropolitan city. Over the years, housing and business have moved to the periphery of the city, while the city center has become an area for recreation. The urban environment has acquired a different significance. Documentary photography has always functioned as a medium to reflect on the developments in the city. In my thesis I examine the relationship between the documentary photographer and the contemporary city center. I research to what extent these changes also affect the mission of the documentary photographer.

(BA) Photography

Put, Joppe

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