de Waard, Jorien – Photography
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PROJECT Planetary Romance - How would living on Mars look like?

Ever since I can remember I had a fascination for science fiction. Lose myself in a nice story. Where we can time travel, can book a return ticket to space and can live on another planet. When I heard about the Mars missions and their goal ― to send humankind to the red planet ― I was thrilled. A new place to fantasize about, a place where no human has been. I can imagine a place where there are no clouds in the sky, where it is completely dark when the sun doesn’t shine and because of that plants/insects light up. It’s interesting because Mars has been fantasized about for centuries. And now it is coming closer to reality. Imagine, this place is the ultimate happiness. Because nothing is wrong, nothing is right. No one has been there.

THESIS Back to the future and beyond - The world of technique as decor for reality

In my thesis I ask myself whether there is still room for fantasy in our digitalized society. Technology offers us a lot of opportunities. First we dreamt of discovering new planets and now it is actually possible. There is certainly still room to fantasize in our world full of technology. Now it is even more provoked to use your imagination and the danger of that is that our ideal world gets further and further away. We want more and more. I fear that humans will no longer be needed in the future. Robots are taking over and only the “smart” people with a technical background will have a place here. So maybe there will be a time that our society is divided by what we can do.

(BA) Photography

de Waard, Jorien

The Netherlands

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Internship at Anne Claire de Breij, Amsterdam