Ketamo, Karl – Photography
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PROJECT Crossing Boundaries

Movement is essential to life in all its forms ― by moving we create and rebuild new lives, new structures and new identities. Underpinning the human instinct for survival there is a complex and rich history of people moving around the planet. At one time or another, everyone becomes part of this transformation of imagination, location and self. Migration for its variety of reasons, with its hope for a new and better life, is an elevated expression of a search for safer grounds. Travelling is one-way and unfamiliar language, culture and social norms become challenges. The video is based on humanity’s necessity to move. Rhythm becomes essential, the movement sometimes synchronized. Everyone moves yet the landscape seems to stand still.

THESIS Regarding the Neo Romantics

The Human/Nature cultural relationship has evolved over time. As a subject of photography this relationship has a long history. Does the rising interest in the world of nature and our way of relating to it signal a desire for a break from the pressures of modern living, or can another conclusion be made? How much do history, biology and the global and regional events of our time influence the popularity of the subject? Landscape is never just a view. The perspectives we give to representations of landscape and nature are always subjective, influenced by motives, history and childhood stories. Objects are what they are but the interpretations we give them come also from our language, culture and personal memory.

(BA) Photography

Ketamo, Karl


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