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Virtanen, Kimmo – Photography
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PROJECT Thirty-Second Love Songs

Love is a human condition remarkably well suited for getting people into trouble with one another. “Thirty-Second Love Songs” is an animated short film contemplating the earthly issues of a divided family. The story is seen from the perspective of outer space and narrated in second person using tree pruning instructions as a metaphor for domestic peacekeeping.

THESIS Flamebaits

Can images change the course of events when pitted against the human ego? ‘Flamebaits’ is a research essay on visual methods of persuasion in the context of ‘the backfire effect’ and human rights campaigns, and their roles in attempting to cause lasting change in the spectators’ minds. Through a semantic and psychological case study of Amnesty International and a visual artist known as JR, the aim was to transform my findings into a method of storytelling that could be used to address difficult topics and human conflicts.

(BA) Photography

Virtanen, Kimmo


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Internship at Studio Roosegaarde