Mubarak, Laila – Photography
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PROJECT When I look at you

Laila Mubarak, documentary photographer, has a great interest in psychology and human behaviour. She is inspired by the philosophy of existentialism, how a human gives essence to its being. Her subject is often the young woman and the life-events she experiences. What fascinates her is the body language, the expression in the face, the hands that unveil the state of presence. When I look at you it is about female awareness. It’s about looking and to be looked at, continuously being self-aware as a woman of the bodily appearance. It’s about the longing to be perceived as beautiful. And about convictions both man and women have around the image of female beauty. Especially women’s own convictions about themselves.

THESIS 'Het spel' of the photographer

As a photographer I am aware of my influence on the subject I am working with, the person; I realize how objects such as cameras, spaces as well as silence can influence someone. I try to understand who the other person is and how they try to communicate with me. I wait for the other person to drop their guard and let a meaningful and revealing situation develop. I do not have a certain state in mind as a final objective I am working towards, it’s the human contact process that I wish to document with my photography. My main objective is to create images of the essence of the contact between the subject and myself, and the key moments that define this process between us. It’s the essence of the individual that I try to document.

(BA) Photography

Mubarak, Laila

The Netherlands

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