Szabó, Liza – Photography
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PROJECT Guide for foreigners

“Guide for Foreigners” aims to show how funny and strange national proverbs can be when they are translated to another language and presented in a new context. Because of our cultural background we own traditions, habits and thoughts that do not only affect our life but also the way we perceive the world. When it comes to understanding someone else, we often fall into misconceptions and misunderstandings because of these differences. “Guide for Foreigners” supports proper communication and provides the possibility to learn about each other’s local habits.

THESIS Making the particular universal

In my thesis I research collective memory and its connection to individuals. As a photographer I often use my own memories and experiences as a starting point, therefore I was looking for an approach to translate my personal experiences into more universal stories and understand the definition of collective memory. How can we share personal memories? Do we have memories in common? Can art be a trigger to recall them?

(BA) Photography

Szabó, Liza


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Internship at Noa Verhofstad