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PROJECT Lonely and forgotten

Quite regularly one reads messages in the newspaper about someone who passed away and was found death after a couple of days or sometimes even after weeks. How is it possible that no one notices you when you’re alive and no one notices that you have passed away? That there are no family or friends to say farewell, but that the government needs to arrange your funeral. Is there really no one who remembers you? I photographed the homes of people who passed away alone. And with my publication I hope to create awareness about living a lonesome life. That people realise how important it is to give more attention to those who didn’t choose to be alone. Do not forget the lonesome, do not let them pass away in silence.

THESIS Dictionary of images

We say a lot while we do not speak. There are a lot of ways to communicate; verbal, non-verbal, writing and visual. In this thesis you will find my research towards non-verbal communication. About the six universal emotions: anger, sadness, disgust/contempt, happiness, fear and surprise. And about the five areas with which your body communicates; self-awareness, refinement, personal style and upbringing, situational awareness, feeling for other persons rights and what is right.

(BA) Photography

Verspuij, Merel

The Netherlands

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Internship at Gerrit Schreurs Photography & Witman Kleipool Agency