Turpin, Olivier – Photography
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PROJECT Beauty Altered

Flowers have been used throughout history, within art and literature ― to symbolize the idea of beauty. In our society, we are often unsatisfied by the natural/unaltered state of things. Often resulting in a lack of appreciation for beauty within imperfections in all its pure nature. Our image-obsessed society has forced us to constantly replace and correct each element that we deem imperfect.This concept inspired the process of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing elements of different species of flowers to enhance and modify something which is taken from its natural state. In attempt to mimic today’s generalized attitude towards beauty and perfection, the reconstructed flowers illustrate society’s mutated idea of iconic beauty.

THESIS Nor here, nor there

Exploration on the construction of cultural and self-identity in the context of global mobility and adaptation and its influence on visual artists.

(BA) Photography

Turpin, Olivier


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Internship at Neighbour Collective