van der Togt, Renate – Photography
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PROJECT The Unnatural

It seems to me that our society is centered around rationality nowadays, and I wonder whether this is a good thing. Our world is changing fast and our people are discarding traditional ways of living for less natural ones. I cherish being closely in touch with my subconscious. The subconscious is flexible, endlessly creative and most of all unprejudiced. Characteristics I believe are necessary to adapt to our changing world. My project features a scene drawn from my subconscious. Dreams fascinate me; situations usually seen as weird or taboo feel absurdly ordinary in our subconscious. Within my project I recreate this and in that way I try to confront the viewer with prejudice regarding opportunities and unexpected beauty.

THESIS Doll of a woman

Japan has a rich doll culture that goes back centuries and stays one of the leading countries in doll figures due to their highly advanced sex dolls and humanoids. The strong connection that the Japanese have with dolls, whether it is in traditional rituals or perhaps sexual relieve, intrigues me and, as many of these dolls show the image of the female, I wonder how this influences women in Japan.The Japanese woman is stereotypically docile and subservient to men. This stereotype resembles doll figures in many ways, but how much of this stereotype is true today? “Are modern Japanese women influenced by, and compared with, a (traditional) “doll-like” ideal?”

(BA) Photography

van der Togt, Renate

The Netherlands

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Internship at Daniel Sannwald