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PROJECT It’s beautiful when it flies

As a child we all dreamt of flying. Some have actually felt the wind against their cheeks. Sadly, aging goes hand in hand with the inability to believe in something so close to carelessness. My project “It’s beautiful when it flies” is an adults’ attempt to re-find this childlike state of openness and to take the viewer along for the ride. It’s an escape from reality and at the same time a revival of hope; both a failed attempt and a successful journey to the past. But most of all it resembles a persons deepest wishes, dreams and longings and how reality often seems to harshly oppose to these.

THESIS Ik zocht naar troost (I searched for consolation)

The writing of my thesis started around the same period my mother became terminally ill. This horrible news not only changed my life, it also changed my view on my profession. I have researched if and how art can provide comfort. The piece consists of a very personal research, but I’ve also questioned the work of others. I’ve questioned myself; what is comfort, when do we need it, and how is art or beauty able to make you understand your sorrows? Art can act as a mirror; we as viewers feel pain; experience grief but only if we recognize it. As the enigma where we look at, can be deciphered. Art and beauty can let us conduct the conversation in silence. And that is comforting.

(BA) Photography

Former, Rinske

The Netherlands

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Internship at Stefanie Grätz