Grootendorst, Sabine – Photography
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PROJECT Parels voor de zwijnen (Do not throw pearls before swine)

“Parels voor de zwijnen/Do not throw pearls before swine”. Items of quality offered to those who aren’t cultured enough to appreciate them. The current consumer is accustomed to shelves full of food, wherever and whenever they want. Especially the meat consumption is in great contrast with the past. The present society is accustomed to much and relatively inexpensive meat. But when we analyse our role as a member of our society we see that we also think it is important to have a welfare standard within meat production. Which is a good thing, but what can we expect if we increase the standards within the intensive farming and stay looking for the cheapest package of meat in the supermarket?

THESIS Why me, why now, why this & why like this - The central questions within the documantary proces

My thesis is focused upon the ― in my opinion ― most important questions within the process of the ― engaged ― documentary photographer: the ‘Why me’, ‘Why now’, ‘Why this’ & ‘Why like this’. By researching the role of these questions within the work process of ‘successful’ engaged documentary photographers I hope to find out what it takes these days to be successful in spreading a bigger message trough the medium of documentary photography. After the first chapter, ― about documentary photography and its process- that is mainly there to provide the reader with a basis ― I organized a separate chapter for all the ‘Why’ questions. Those chapters deal with the importance of that particular question.

(BA) Photography

Grootendorst, Sabine

The Netherlands

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Internship at Mike Roelofs