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Otte, Samuel – Photography
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My religious father was dying, but to accept this fact would mean turning his back on his faith. He left me wondering how I could make a real connection with him. Religion drove a wedge between us. This project investigates the meaning of Dutch Protestantism in relation to who my father was. The research results in a book; a family biography starting with my great-grandfather, the founding father of the reformed denomination ‘De Gereformeerde Gemeenten’, and leading via my grandpa and my father up to me, the one who cut off the religious genealogy by taking distance from Christian faith. In addition, I have made three films in which I search for ways to connect with my father after his death regardless of our differences in worldview.

THESIS An anthropology of the domestic interior

An anthropology of Domestic interior is about how human identity and domestic space relate and how domestic interior is used in photography to communicate feelings, cultural practice, gender and daily life. It examines how primary emotions are formed by sensational experiences with domestic objects and how memories and identity are formed by these experiences. Then it treats the historical development of domestic space as a private space. The second half explores the use of domestic space in photography, followed up by a casestudy of the work of Jacqueline Hassink, Tina Barney and Petra Stavast. I found out how they use domestic interior to tell the viewer about power, femininity, social class, personal memory, cultural identity and decay.

(BA) Photography

Otte, Samuel

The Netherlands

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