Glasbergen, Sanne – Photography
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PROJECT The true color of love

Have you ever been so in love you had a feeling you ate flowers for breakfast and your life is in full bloom? Have you ever been so in love you cried like a baby in one square meter corner? Every love story or relationship is unique. Still there are universal elements an individual has to deal with like having feelings and coping with them. This specific story reflects on my own love life over the past two years with its ups and downs, highlights and dark caves. It’s a story to be shared with everyone who has ever dealt with loving someone, longing for love and compromises we have to undertake, to be loved.

THESIS Art, my life

I’ve done research on the work and motivation of selected autobiographical artist. My focus has been to find out what makes sharing personal stories and experience relevant to the audience.

(BA) Photography

Glasbergen, Sanne

The Netherlands

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Internship at Harley Weir