De Boer, Shari – Photography
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PROJECT Proving Ground

From Indian to Cowboy to Soldier. ‘War playing’ is an ancient concept. It’s a game where power and challenging boundaries are an important part of growing up as a boy. In “Proving Ground” I examine the ‘war game’ in 2016, in which wars of today are used as an inspiration for the videogame and toy industry. Boys know exactly how a soldier moves, behaves and dresses by the stereotypical soldier they know from videogames and TV. This results in a vicious circle of interpreting an image and recreating it while playing. To what extent does the visual culture of war shape our collective memory?

THESIS De Gemanipuleerde Onschuld

A thesis about the representation of the child in contemporary images. Every day you see children as a subject in any kind of image. In portrait photography, photojournalism, advertising and contemporary documentary photography and film. But why are children so often used in photography and film? Most importantly, how do we as authors portray a child in an image? And what are the ethical issues that come with it? To find an answer to these questions, I used six diverse photographers as case studies to examine the function of the child in their projects.

(BA) Photography

De Boer, Shari

The Netherlands

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Internship at Niels Stomps