van Koeverden, Steven – Photography
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PROJECT Prinsentuin 5

The house I grew up in has a great untold story about the role it played during the Second World War. It was not only a place where people could hide from the enemy, it was also a place where the Dutch resistance was commanded from. My grandfather was an active resistance fighter working with the O.D., K.P. and the R.V.V. My grandmother was a courier for my grandfather and was very important for the Kinder Comité in Utrecht. The way I grew up is in big contrast to the war years. With me being the fifth generation who grew up in this house, it is my responsibility to pass on the history the house has to tell. If I don’t do it a very important story will vanish in time.

THESIS Personal stories - Can personal photography touch a larger theme?

In my thesis I research if personal photography can touch a bigger theme. I look at the work of J.H. Engstrom and Anders Petersen, Richard Billingham and Machiel Botman to research how they transform a personal story into something more universal. After that I research photographers who work with personal history. I look at the work of Jan Rosseel, Rinko Kawauchi and Verena Blok. I researched themes, subjects, ways of working, target audience, the roll of text and how they make history visible. I learned that personal photography can touch a larger theme.The maker works from his own experience and doesn’t base facts on other things than that. In this way the story becomes readable for the viewer, because we feel it’s true.

(BA) Photography

van Koeverden, Steven

The Netherlands



Internship at Jan Dirk van der Burg