Posthumus, Tycho – Photography
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My graduation project “HYmN TYpe bEAt” is about the constant transaction between immaterial ideas and how I use photography as a contemporary ritualistic tool that processes my experiences of materialising my thoughts. online imagery I see that inspire me, images I take while living my life, a new ‘work’ that results; they’re all of equal importance and I let them intertwine. By exploring the plastic nature of digital photography I constantly combine and look for new images and narratives that can tell my story.

THESIS Redundantem

In my thesis I examine the way contemporary photography relates to and deals with the vast amount of visual information coming at us in today’s world. By defining and researching contemporary visual culture and its artists that work with the photographic image, I try to examine how contemporary photography responds to the stereotyped and clichéd landscape of the mass media and culture.

(BA) Photography

Posthumus, Tycho

The Netherlands

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Internship at Thomas Mailaender