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As we entered the 21st century, the days of the bomb throwing anarchist of the early 20th century are long gone. Bombs are the most common known weapon of modern terrorism. They not only kill and enquire many people all at once: it manipulates and it changes our behaviour. It creates fear, uncertainty and division in our society. The meaning of the modern bombs transcends its own true function of destruction, instead it communicates specific ideological messages. The suddeness and unpredictability of these bombs are my biggest fear and their biggest victory.


This thesis is based on my own personal fear for terrorist attacks. The 9/11 attack had a deep impact on me. I wasn’t there, but it was all over the television and internet. This impact formed the base of my research where I asked myself what the role is of the media and the terrorist. What are the mechanisms of the news reports by the media and what kind of strategy is used by terrorists to report their message through the media? First, I research the connection of terrorists and media where I found out that the terrorists are using the media as a manifestation. A call for attention of different ideological messages. This ideological messages are used in different forms.

(BA) Photography

van Swieten, Victor

The Netherlands

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Internship at Rob Hornstra