Zwietering, Zindzi – Photography
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PROJECT 160.000m2

A mass of huge grey tower. A mass of people. Living, working, staying, eating, meeting and sleeping. A vertical city. A machine. People move from A to B. This is the most densely populated land in The Netherlands. Giant elevators, never-ending escalators. De Rotterdam. De Rotterdam was finalized in 2013, and is designed by the O.M.A. The design of the building match theories of Rem Koolhaas about the generic city perfectly. He creates spaces where he forces people not to create a connection with their environment. Does Koolhaas discard the physical reality from its value? And if so; what does this say about the time we live in? “The generic city is always founded by people on the move, poised to move on.” ― Rem Koolhaas

THESIS City dwellers

In my thesis I investigated the influence urban space has on the behavior of city dwellers. It is split up in three pieces. In the first part I write about different theories concerning the public space in western cities. In the second part I write about people; how do we react on the public, and on each other. In the last part I look at different artists who have been dealing with these themes in their work, to end with my own fascination for the theme.

(BA) Photography

Zwietering, Zindzi

The Netherlands

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