Alekseeva, Elina – Textile and Fashion
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PROJECT Landmarks

Nowadays people travel a lot and don’t belong to one place anymore. Younger generations often feel detached from living spaces. Many projects are devoted to accessible housing, but the feeling of ‘home’ is always missing. I consider ‘home’ not as a place but as activities and emotions. Elements of our cultural background and personal feeling of comfort are our “Landmarks”. Memory triggers, environment reminders, ceremonies of calming down and claiming space ― for a while. As little belongings as possible can become a transportable sense of comfort. We only need what has emotional value, to make any space ― a home, and to feel at home ― anywhere. My project is an intercultural collection for contemporary nomads.

THESIS Wayfaring

The exploration of what is happening to the conception of home and how it will develop in future. Will it exist at all, and what can replace it.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Alekseeva, Elina


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Internship at buroBelen