Sypkens Smit, Jenske – Textile and Fashion
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PROJECT Keep your mouth closed, your comments closer

I started the collection with a big feeling of fuck off  towards the many comments online, which have influence on comments offline as well. The rise of social media has changed the first impression. Whereas offline the first impression is an interaction between two people, online it is only a one-way street presentation. But social media are here to stay a little longer. We better learn to play with it. Nobody should be able to pin you down. If you manage to create a blur in the current online image yourself, you are able to keep control of your image. Creating a blur has become the starting point for the off-standing forms in the silhouettes and with the digital print and colours I emphasise the blur between the online and offline world.

THESIS Keep your mouth closed, your comments closer

Deriving from both the frustration and fascination about the numerous comments online, the idea for the research and my thesis came to life. The main question is: What are the consequences of the shift from the large audience as consumer of news and media, to producer of news and media? In this thesis, the influence of this shift on different types of public figures and the fashion industry is looked upon.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Sypkens Smit, Jenske

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 1948 3733


Internship at A.F.VANDEVORST