Louwerens, Lot – Textile and Fashion
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PROJECT Catch The Dream

“Catch the dream” is about a man who lives his live in the perfect way, following the rules of the American Dream. The most important thing for him is to show the world that he’s doing a great job, he’s showing off like a bird of paradise. He’s like a dreamcatcher. He catches all the good dreams and never let’s them go. The pressure he lives under is too big, so he gets caught in his own ‘unrealistic’ dream.

THESIS Catch The Dream

What does manliness mean in the contemporary culture in relation to the American Dream, and how is this reflected in fashion?’ This is the main question in my thesis. I researched the American Dream, different kinds of manliness and how they are related in art, fashion and film. I combined these elements to form my concept and my collection.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Louwerens, Lot

The Netherlands

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Internship at Sadie Williams, Barbara I Gongini