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Borggreve, Nadie – Textile and Fashion
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PROJECT It's been Emotional - The emotional Hoarder

With my collection “Emotional Hoarder” I want to show how we as human beings collect lifelong memories and emotions. One of my biggest inspirations are people called ‘hoarders’. These people have the urge to collect things, because they cannot let go of the emotional attachment to it. By using the technique moulage I create my language of silhouettes. The pieces of clothing will be used differently than they are supposed to be. All the pieces together become one entity.

THESIS It's been emotional

My main question is: What qualifies an emotional Hoarder, which gradations are there to find, and how does that influence identity? For my research I interviewed hoarders. I also made conclusions out of a combination of these interviews, philosophers and documentaries.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Borggreve, Nadie

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2083 0271


Internship at Mary Benson