Lauwaert, Sarah – Textile and Fashion
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PROJECT I need to be protected

The collection represents an image of the future world where we have lost the North Pole. My aim is to create garments that protect our bodies and minds from environmental catastrophes and losing a faraway, sublime place. Losing the North Pole will have a tragic effect on the whole of human kind ― all of us will be influenced. I use slogans like “I need to be protected” and “mind your step” to express how the North Pole has an impact on our psychological mind. I work with protective materials, which I am trying to turn into more human shaped forms and garments.With this collection I hope that people will reconsider the value of the North Pole and create a deeper care for it.

THESIS What if the North Pole disappears?

When the world wasn’t fully explored, our values were different. I am exploring the Arctic because I feel strongly connected to it. I feel like it’s my duty to have an impact on saving the Arctic with the benefit of having a voice through fashion design. In my graduation collection I want to translate the image of how our clothing will look like in the nearby future ― if the North Pole disappears. This is also the main question for my thesis; what if the North Pole disappears? I want to raise a feeling of caring for the Arctic, just like I do.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Lauwaert, Sarah


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Internship at Asger Juel Larsen