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PROJECT Dutch culture

My graduation collection is about mixing two cultures together; the Western culture and the Middle East culture. Mixing these two worlds in order to make one culture out of it. Show that islamic garments such as the burka and niqab or women who hide their hair are very inspiring and I want to show this in a artistic and fashionable way. Also the Dutch Moroccan youth culture is a big inspiration for this collection, young men wearing these traditional djellaba’s and combining these with very typical European clothings such as shiny wadded jackets and high fashion Italian brands. Next to this I work with a print related to the very cheap plastic bags named ‘Turkentas’ with which I try to make new shapes.

THESIS Nederland(se) cultuur

In my thesis, I analyse the traditional Islamic garments and also the Moroccan street culture in the Netherlands, because my collection is about mixing cultures. It is about the clothing that they wear not about there religion or political statement. I want to investigate why they wear these garments or high fashion brands and with that I reflect on high fashion labels and give my own interpretation of the whole subject.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

's-Gravemade, Woody

The Netherlands

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