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Forzani, Yamuna – Textile and Fashion
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NATURE IS FUZZY AND SOCIETY TRIES TO DRAW A LINE ON IT’. I BELIEVE IN COEXISTENCE, COLLABORATION AND COLOUR! I THINK GENDER EVOLUTION IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND SOCIETY NEEDS TO GET RID OF BINARIES AND EMBRACE THE SPECTRUM. I have been influenced a lot by the idea of a queer utopia and I want to embody that and share and celebrate my world. To do so I will present a tableau vivant, which will include a mixture of textile clothing and objects to translate my vision of the future. My new evolved people will be the main focus of my presentation. For this reason I cast models who personally inspire me. My presentation features the idea of branding. I like to brand my work as it’s slightly taboo but more because I stand for these values.


MY NAME IS YAMUNA FORZANI. I AM A BIOLOGICAL FEMALE, I AM HETEROSEXUAL, I AM CIS-GENDERED, I AM FEMININE, I AM QUEER AS FUCK. My thesis is a pocket reference work on gender in a personal way. With the continuation of challenging gender norms will this lead to their evolution or extinction? In this thesis I define the terminologies and explore gender through mainstream pop culture. I then give my vision of the future of acceptance ― a new outlook called “UTOPIA U4IA” referencing my graduation collection ― my posed utopian view.

(BA) Textile and Fashion

Forzani, Yamuna

United Kingdom

0031 (0)6 2808 7393


Internship at Sibling London, Faustine Steinmetz, Das Leben am Haverkamp