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(2 excerpts from the play ‘A Stage for Acrophobia’ and a part of the piece ‘Two Excerpts’ based on the novel ‘One Might See a Falling Ball That Might Break the Scene’). Hyuntae Lee (born in Seoul, 1981) is curious about the process of perception, subjectivity and he meaning of understanding. By playing with images and memories of objects as materials, he makes pro–¹ps and builds stages ahead of time ― before the scenario arrives. In the situation of the scenario being absent, he focuses on how to make the stage nondescript and adaptable. Concerned with being tilted towards any direction, he endeavours to make the stage go nowhere until he becomes wholly aware of the scenario for his stage. Composing the stage, he ponders on how to do things with the difference between things ― including me, you and everything we seem to know. One without acrophobia might cause a ball to slip and slide the stage.

THESIS Dogged Essays

[...] the absence of any witness seems to be rather a lucky break. Perhaps my interest is more about those proliferating stories that keep being written and rewritten, and read and reread, through the endless interplay of different views on the event. I admire our–the ignorants or the non ― knowers as well as the knowers ― active endeavours with and within this passive situation ― the well known unknown event. Rather than lamenting the unknowability, I am practicing being ignorant enough to celebrate what has been shaped through those dogged essays in speculating and speculating or speculating, setting aside its reliability. It is so funny that [...]

(MA) Artistic Research

Lee, Hyuntae

South Korea

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